GIDC can save restaurant owners a significant amount of money

GIDC is a Montreal-based company that consults with restaurant owners by sharing a concept of how a strategic approach can have explosive results, exponential growth, and profit vs an incremental one.

Owner David Aldous is a business growth and education marketing specialist who is reaching out to restaurant owners, offering a free consultation to show how he can save them a significant amount of money, time and slowly get out of debt.

Teaching business owners how to harvest the windfall profits that sit in their business by affiliated marketing.

Business Growth and Education Marketing Specialist 

Education Marketing

Indoor Air Quality Testing and Hygiene Protocols

Postal Code Exclusivity

Offering a benefit of a six month postal code exclusivity by giving an advantage against their competition.

5 Million in Additional Sales over 5 years

While providing a unique strategic approach designed to increase sales by 5 million over a 5 year period with an estimate budget price of 3 to 5 percent

Earning a Rental Income & Label Advertising

Working with our affiliated partners by advertising non-competitive businesses on printed labels that are to be displayed on packaging, paper bags to boxes to help that retail owner with advertising revenue at the same time as helping out another business distribute their company’s valuable information into the hands of the consumer.

Pop Up Posters and Postcards Ads

Each participating retailer who is executing an Indoor Air Quality Program for the benefit of their client’s health will display information on the steps they are taking at different places in their location.

Stadium Pitch

The EPA (Environment Protection Agency) did a study that finds that the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is 5 times more harmful than the outdoor air and we spend 90% of our lives indoors

Best Buyer Programs

Monthly printed invitations mailed to potential clients In each postal code there are any number of potential clients who earn over a certain amount of income who don’t have any issues when spending money on family and/or friends. By mailing a professionally printed invitation by Canada Post you can now target new clients by inviting them down to your restaurant to benefit a free meal so that they can earn your trust, giving you the opportunity to teach them about who you are in the community with the education process of the benefits of having an Indoor Air Quality Program (IAQP).

Database Collecting

At one point in time oil was the biggest resource…..  now it’s data

At the Point of Sale (POS) offering an incentive for the client to opt-in  with their name, cell phone, and email to receive a discount at signing

This website is for the sole purpose to identify retailers who are participating in an Indoor Air Quality Program to benefit the health of their clients.

If you suffer from any health issues that can be caused by poor indoor air quality we suggest that you contact a health professional immediately.