Changing the Buying Criteria or shifting the paradigm by getting the consumer to ask better questions

What’s in it for me by giving you my business?

1973 – FedEx offered overnight delivery – Made other delivery companies do the same 

1984 – Domino’s started offering their clients 30 minutes or it’s FREE – It wasn’t about the quality of the pizza it was to see if the client would get a FREE pizza.

2020 – GIDC.CA is getting the consumer to ask more from retailers by having them provide better indoor air quality

Indoor Air Testing


Providing testing of the indoor air every 3 months to build confidence with the client by adding value on what matters to the client by giving them a choice or by having them ask why should they do business with this particular vendor compared to the competitor.



The question to ask if all values are equal prices, quality, and service what is going to make the difference for the client to choose where they go?


If they suffer from asthma or have any other health issues that depend on knowing that the vendor they choose has taken all the steps necessary to protect them ………………. then it’s a no brainer.


Building your brand strategically instead of tactically.

By strategically building your brand on purpose by focusing more on what is most important to your clients other than your product and/or service.


Everyone suffers from health issues that you can’t see from the exterior.


By bringing out to the surface that people face most, you can now attract more clients instead of focusing on the 3 percent of who are buying now

Going after your best buyers.

Being in a retail business you are not in a position to do direct selling or calling, this limits you to relying on other forms of sources to drive in clients to your business.

 Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

TV, Radio Spots – these can be expensive

Flyers and Printed Material – isn’t guaranteed to make it past the front door

Why not invite your best buyers down to your business to experience your hospitality

200 invitations each month is cheaper than doing 10,000 flyers


By going after the type of client that can afford your business, giving you the opportunity of showing them how well they can be treated if they visit your place of business.

The Lifetime Value of a client.

If a client who buys from you 6 times a year and they spend on an average of $80.00 per order this client is now worth to you $480.00

Now let’s say that same client buys for the next 5 years, they have just gone up from a $480.00 to $2400.00 paying client

Shouldn’t your staff now consider that this client is now a $2400.00 paying client, not just an $80.00 client?

Everyone needs oxygen to breath why not take advantage of that captive audience

Client – Is one who is under the care, protection, and guidance of an expert in particular fields Customer – Is one who buys a product or a service You have clients as you are an expert in your field, Jay Avraham